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Give your pet the life it deserves.


At McGrupps, there is nothing we love more than pets, and our goal is to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to researching and finding the most natural, safe, and scientifically-proven remedies for the toughest and most common ailments. Our products offer pet owners real alternatives to prescription drugs, and they really work! Together with vets and scientists, we have developed treatments for daily issues such as stress and anxiety, joint pain and mobility, IBS, and chronic skin problems to name a few. We know how much your pet brings you happiness. Now you can return the favor by giving them McGrupps.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our brand. We are so happy to have the opportunity to share our story and high-quality pet products with you. Our trial program is a chance to connect with other people who are passionate about quality pet products and finding real solutions for troublesome pet ailments that pet owners deal with every day.
— Scott & Shannon Carmichael | Founders of McGrupps Premium Pet Supplements


Everyone who is approved for our trial program will receive a complimentary box of select McGrupps products. 

We know that once people try our products they will see just how great they are.  We hope you’ll share your experiences with your friends, followers and customers.  We've been overwhelmed with all the incredibly positive feedback we've received so far and we know you will too.

What's in the box:

1 jar of McGrupps Stress and Anxiety Relief Chews

1 jar of McGrupps Bone and Joint Relief Chews

2 bags of McGrupps Dog Treats (2 flavors)

1 bottle of McGrupps Probiotic Spray

Our Story

After owning and operation McGrupps Dog Daycare on the North Shore of Boston for the last four years, we have become quite accustomed to the unique and special needs of each of our furry customers.  From chronic pain in older dogs, puppies with growing pains or anxious rescues, our goal is the same - provide the best products and care for any customer that walks through our door.  Our award winning daycare and boarding facility sparked the idea that we could provide this same level of care to a broader audience with the best ingredients on the market.  We have seen what works and what does not with our own eyes, and created formulas based on that experience and industry knowledge.

Our Chocolate Lab Marley, then 12, was diagnosed with Lar-Par (larynx paralysis) several years ago and we struggled to find anything that could help his pain and uncomfortable days.  With our unique blends we were able to give Marley an extra three years of a happy and healthy life.  We couldn't have imagined those three years without him and like to think he is a big part of our success and desire to help other dogs and their families.

Program instructions

1. Try the products and form your own honest opinion.

2. Share coupons with fellow pet owners.

3. Invite a friend to participate in this program

4. Get the word out: Talk about your Mcgrupps experience on social media, share our Facebook page, website, and products with your network.

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6. Fill out the feedback form here.

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I work in the medical field and am usually a critic but I haven’t seen my pup herself like she is now since we switched over to this formula.
— Dr. David Tolk
I would have never imagined that she would have such an improvement in such a short time, and I would recommend these chews to anyone with a high-anxiety dog. It has enabled my girl to live the life that she deserves to live.
— Serena P.

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