Probiotic Dog Breath Freshener Spray

Probiotic Dog Breath Freshener Spray


Did you know that it’s up to the good bacteria in your dog's mouth to keep the bad breath-causing bacteria away?  With the McGrupps Probiotic spray, you can fight the bad bacteria and underlying problem causing the bad breath or unhealthy gums.  Our All Natural and alcohol-free spray is odorless, tasteless, pet invisible, with no chemicals or sting.  Spray directly into your dog's mouth, water bowl, or on top of their food as needed without the protest of other products that only mask the bacterial problem with scents and chemicals.

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Poor oral health is also an indicator of other problems within the body and McGrupps Probiotic Breath Freshener Spray will aid in the overall wellness of your dog.  At 2 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) we allow our product to not only attack oral bacteria but internal bacteria as well to maintain overall immune system health.  Our unique formula doesn’t need refrigeration or mixing.  Just shake thoroughly before use.  Best results are achieved when used regularly throughout every life stage of your dog.

Join the McGrupps team in making happier and healthier pets!  

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