Pet and Furniture Deodorizer Probiotic Spray

Pet and Furniture Deodorizer Probiotic Spray


McGrupps Probiotic Pet and Furniture Deodorizer contains all natural and powerful microbes that break down smells and odors without using the temporary fix of scents and chemicals.  Our unique blend of probiotics when sprayed on the contaminated area, help to repopulate good bacteria that reduce stubborn pet odors (wet fur, urine, etc..).  This helps to fight the underlying problems associated with pet odors for cars, couches, carpets, pet beds, or any other location your furry friend may visit frequently.  Our All Natural and Alcohol-free spray is Odorless, Tasteless, and Pet Invisible with no chemicals assuring an All Pet safe formula.

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We Believe in Using Only the Highest Quality, USA-sourced Ingredients

We love our pets like family and our pets depend on us to make good decisions when it comes to their health.  That’s why at McGrupps, we go above and beyond for our furry friends. You will never find by-products, meals, fillers, synthetics, or GMO’s of any kind. If it is not good enough for you, it is not good enough for your pets!