McGrupps Daily Stress and Anxiety

McGrupps Daily Stress and Anxiety


Our unique blend of herbs has proven that quality ingredients do matter.  Our stress and anxiety formula is designed to take the edge off your anxious pup and give them an opportunity to succeed and be happy in stressful environments.  Whether it’s everyday struggles for a troubled rescue with separation anxiety or isolated situations such as car rides or fireworks, our chews will not only make your pups life more enjoyable it will also improve the relationship and time you spend with them.  Become one of our many success stories and enjoy your time with your best friend, stress and anxiety free.

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We Believe in Using Only the Highest Quality, USA-sourced Ingredients

We love our pets like family and our pets depend on us to make good decisions when it comes to their health.  That’s why at McGrupps, we go above and beyond for our furry friends. You will never find by-products, meals, fillers, synthetics, or GMO’s of any kind. If it is not good enough for you, it is not good enough for your pets!


Several years ago I traveled with my family to Mississippi on what was gonna be a vacation. That ended up with a new dog adoption as we fell in love with Bella. She had a lot of anxiety and when traditional medication didn't work we reached out to the McGrupp's team for options. A week after working with them and their new formula our girl was back to herself. I work in the medical field and am usually a critic but I haven't seen my pup herself like she is now since we switched over to this formula.


These were on sale through amazon and I decided to buy them for my dog. He’s 13 and a named max. He’s been having problems with his hind legs and it’s affecting his well-being. His legs would be shaky when getting up and down. He’s not shaky anymore after taking these! After just two weeks, and two treats a day, there were signs of improvement. I will definitely continue buying these for him.