Itch and Hotspot Probiotic Water Spray

Itch and Hotspot Probiotic Water Spray


Looking for a solution to your pets Itchiness and uncomfortable behavior without the smell and chemicals?  Whether your pet has everyday skin problems, seasonal allergies, or an acute need for immediate itch relief (such as sore paws or irritated skin), McGrupps Probiotic spray cleans and heals on a microscopic level.  Our all-natural and alcohol free spray is odorless, tasteless, pet invisible, with no chemicals and no sting.  Just lightly spray on the affected area and rub or brush it in until it reaches the skin.   

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Probiotics play a huge role in skin health, promoting the healing of scars and burns, rejuvenating the skin and strengthening the skins innate immunity.  Many pets, as well as humans, have eczema which causes the skin to become itchy, red, dry and cracked.  Probiotics have shown to improve these more chronic conditions whether ingested or sprayed on topically.  The best results are achieved when used regularly throughout every life stage.  At 2 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) we allow our probiotics to go after the underlying issue and not just mask the problem temporarily.  Vet Approved and Made in the USA at an FDA Registered Facility.

Join the McGrupps team in making happier and healthier pets!!