Calming & Pain Relief for Cats Spray

Calming & Pain Relief for Cats Spray

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Our full spectrum spray for cats is a higher potency formula for more severe pain and ongoing anxiety.  At 300mg per bottle we use the same CO2 extraction process for ultimate purity.  Each blend is tested for purity and potency so you receive the highest grade products and oils on the market that are both GMO and pesticide free.

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By introducing our all-natural products on a regular basis, you can reduce discomfort associated with chronic pain, joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis.  This method also assists in helping to calm and ease cats with stress and anxiety by balancing their system through serotonin receptors.

The sunflower Lecithin acts as a catalyst to increase the absorption and effectiveness of our products into your cats system achieving the desired effect.

Has been known to assist in the following:

Allergies  - Anxiety - Appetite -  Arthritis -  Cancer -  Chronic Pain -  Digestive Issues -  Glaucoma