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McGrupps Non-Profit for Puerto Rico Disaster Relief


With every purchase of McGrupps products a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our own non-profit for disaster relief.  Here you will know that 100% of those proceeds go to the causes they were intended for.  Our non-profit does not pay any salaries to directors, secretaries or treasurers, insuring the most positive impact to those we are trying to help.

We've made 3 trips since Hurricane Maria and have provided thousands of pounds of supplies, clothes, water filtration systems, generators and numerous other essentials to try and help in these troubling times.  Our most recent trip in Mid December focused on getting Christmas gifts to the kids who have suffered so much.  The outpouring of hugs and smiles we will cherish forever.

When we met a 96 year old woman who had been trapped in her house for two months after the storm because of the 4ft sewage surrounding her home, we walked on cinder blocks to get to her and give her a monetary donation to fix her roof because FEMA had at that point denied her 2 times and couldn't access her home.  One month later when we returned she had a brand new roof from that donation.  We've never got a bigger hug with tears and it's something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

With our new line of supplements we wanted to take it one step further.  For each bottle and jar that is sold we will donate to disaster relief where it is most needed.  Based on what we've seen on our recent trips to Puerto Rico these efforts and focus will remain in this area for the next several years.