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McGrupps Non-Profit

for Disaster Relief


With every purchase of McGrupps products a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our own non-profit for disaster relief.  Here you will know that 100% of those proceeds go to the causes they were intended for.  Our non-profit does not pay any salaries to directors, secretaries or treasurers, insuring the most positive impact to those we are trying to help.

Last year after many successful trips bringing aid down to Puerto Rico we saw what true need is on the ground after a hurricane of that magnitude. This year we have seen another devastating storm wipe out communities in the Carolinas both on the coast and inland. Damage from both wind and flooding have left people and animals vulnerable. Now much of the concern is the contamination in the water and also the relocation of many animals who’s homes were destroyed.

For each bottle and jar that is sold we will donate to disaster relief where it is most needed.  Currently that effort is focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. We will be working with local shelters in providing basic essentials such as food, water filtration systems and generators where needed.