McGrupps as a Natural Alternative to Pet Medications

Many pet owners are not enthusiastic about the potential side-effects of using pharmaceuticals like tramadol, rimadyl, steroids like prednisone, NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), keppra, gabapentin, cerenia, and prozac, or of the long term effects of administering these medications to companion animals.

Common Conditions for Prescription Medicines

·         Allergies

·         Anxiety

·         Asthma

·         Diarrhea

·         Epilepsy

·         Pain

·         Seizures


Why Use Natural Remedies?

For this reason, many pet owners search for alternative medicine for dogs, but what they’re really looking for is a safe and natural alternative to pet prescription medications. The best alternative to pet medication is proper diet and natural supplements. Much like humans, if it’s possible we prefer to change our diet and take natural supplements as opposed to taking prescription medicine for the rest of our lives. Many pet owners are turning to natural remedies for dogs like plant-based supplements to help alleviate some of the health issues that originally drove them to use pharmaceuticals.

As a pet owner who is considering a more holistic pet care approach, it’s important to find the best health regimen for your pet. Whether that means using pharmaceuticals alongside natural supplements, or switching to only natural supplements for your dog. Every animal is unique, much like every human is unique. The good news is that McGrupps can be used in conjunction with any of your pet’s current medication and can easily fit into any pet’s daily routine.

McGrupps is an organic, plant-based supplement made from industrial hemp. McGrupps products provide a safe, natural alternative for pets, which their owners can use without fear.


Proven hemp Research

McGrupps has produced millions of biscuits for pets worldwide. Our customer surveys show our refined hemp has vastly less potential for side-effects compared to pharmaceuticals, and can potentially ameliorate the side-effects of many medications.

We encourage you to incorporate McGrupps nutritional products into your pet’s regimen for 30 days – so you can see the results first-hand.

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